Workshop: Finding the Classic Beauty in your Everyday

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Meg lives in rural West Michigan with her husband and three little boys. She shares glimpses of this little life of hers on her personal Instagram account: meg_nlo She loves spending time outdoors, and ventures outside with her children almost every day. She finds it both comforting and soothing to get out and explore. Meg enjoys each of the seasons Michigan has to offer, summer the least and fall and winter the most. She has been snowboarding for 17 years and love to snowshoe. She also enjoys baking over cooking, and will wait till the last possible minute to make dinner but not hesitate to whip up a pie at any time of day.

About My Work.

Meg's photography journey started when she was young with film. She made the switch to digital during her college years. She became a Clickin Moms member in early 2014 and has been learning and growing with a wonderful group of ladies since. In 2015 she became a CMPro and in 2016 joined the CM team as a mentor. In the winter of 2016 Meg released her breakout: The Sincere Storyteller. She also teaches the workshop: Finding the Classic Beauty In Your Everyday. Meg is drawn to low light, fine art, portraiture, color, and minimalism.

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